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Effective teaming and leadership are essential for your success. We designed our exclusive workshops  to equip your team with science-backed techniques for unparalleled collaboration, leadership, and performance.

What sets our workshops apart:

Hands-On Learning Your team needs practical, actionable strategies to implement immediately. Through interactive exercises and real-world simulations, participants will gain invaluable insights into effective team dynamics and leadership approaches.

Science-Backed Techniques Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to evidence-based practices. Our workshop draws on the latest research in psychology, organizational behavior, and leadership.

Customized Approach Your team is unique and our workshops are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. 

✨ Ongoing Support Our commitment doesn’t end when the workshop does. We believe scheduled check-ins ensure your team continues to thrive. 

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Our speaking experiences bring expertise, inspiration, and practical wisdom to your event. Our participation will make a difference.

Why choose us:

Compelling Content Our keynote presentations are crafted with precision and backed by years of expertise in teaming, leadership, and collaboration. From captivating stories to thought-provoking insights, we deliver content that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Engaging Delivery Boredom is not an option when we’re on stage. We are renowned for a dynamic and engaging delivery style, keeping audiences energized from start to finish. With a perfect blend of humor, passion, and authenticity, we’ll leave your attendees inspired and motivated to take action.

Tailored to Your Theme Whether you’re focusing on innovation, organizational culture, or strategic planning, we’ll tailor our presentation to align seamlessly with your event’s theme and objectives. We take the time to understand your audience and craft a message that hits home.

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Why work with us?

Working with us is more than hiring a consultant — it's your opportunity to be at the forefront of workplace transformation, enhancing your leadership skills and the performance and satisfaction of your teams.
We'll help turn your intent to impact. Whether you're steering a remote squadron or an in-person brigade, prepare to walk away transformed.


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Curtis Michelson

Facilitator | Design Sprints | Growth Coach