The Experiment

Participate in the Mega Experiment

Join people from around the world in a multi-site, quasi-experimental research study that will result in a large comparative corpus we can all use to test a number of research questions and hypotheses concerning creative processes in group meetings. 

The data will come from groups that volunteer to participate in a structured and scripted 90-minute meeting to address a challenging problem and identify 2 to 3 responses that may inspire action. Their ideas and results will be recorded both by them and through the use of video recordings of the meeting and outcomes.

The Process At-a-Glance


This is a participatory and open research project. We invite as many researchers and practitioners involved as are willing and able to jump in. If interested, you can get involved at each stage of the project in these ways.

Current Phase: Data Collection

Please participate in the experiment!
Each group will complete pre and post-meeting surveys and follow a 60-minute scripted meeting process. See upcoming public experiments and…

We’d also LOVE to bring this experimental experience to your group. Can you assemble one or more groups of 9-24 people willing to participate in this experiment? Can you schedule time before the end of October 2023? Contact us to get on the schedule.

The Corpus: Analyze the data to uncover new insights.

The advisors and premier partners will conduct an initial analysis and share high-level experiment results at a hybrid festival in early 2024. Then, the corpus will be made openly available for additional research inquiries. Authorship and sharing guidelines will be provided to ensure all contributors are represented in the appropriate manner.


We’ll be happy to answer any questions when you send us an email using the form below.

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