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Project 1: 2023 Experimental Workshops


How does a meeting’s location and technology impact team creativity?
We hosted a four-part open research project to answer this question. Read on to learn more and access project resources.

[ Part 1 ]

Online Symposium

educational event.

January 2023

The New Rules for Work 2023 Kickoff Symposium took place from Jan 17-19.

56 presenters and hundreds of participants came together to compare ideas from meeting research, technology, facilitation, corporate leadership, and more. 


February – May 2023

Facilitators from around the world submitted workshop designs for use in the experiment. The research hosts selected two designs for use in the experiment, then tested and refined them while awaiting International Review Board approval to begin data collection.

[ Part 2 ]

Experiment Design

DesIgn Competition and Prototyping

[ Part 3 ]


in-person, hybrid, and remote Workshops.

June – October 2023
Data Collection

Hundreds of participants from around the world participated in 1-hour creative problem-solving workshops.

In total, we collected survey data, workshop content, and video recordings from 26 experimental workshops involving 191 participants.

January 2024

We hosted a one-day online event to share early experiment results, interspersed with workshops and talks inspired by what we learned.

[Step 4 ]


Early experiment Results

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