2023 Global Experiment

Unleashing team creativity in pursuit of a brighter future. Anytime. Anywhere. Everyone.


We’re creating open, evidence-based solutions for modern workplace challenges – new rules for work – that bridge the science-practice-implementation gaps and accelerate collaboration in pursuit of a sustainable future.


A four-part global program beginning January 2023 to identify the best ways to support team ideation in face-to-face, hybrid, and online environments.

Experiment Prep
Analysis & Results Prep
Two Day Hybrid Festival

The world demands solutions to complex global problems.

At the same time, innovation leaders are struggling to decide when, how, and where teams should meet.

Recent research suggests that people should meet face-to-face if they want to drive innovation. They say that creativity suffers when teams meet online.

But obviously, we can’t always meet in person. The costs in terms of environmental impact, decreased diversity, wasted time, and money are too high. Modern innovation teams need a range of evidence-backed options so they can create great solutions anytime, anywhere, with everyone. Let’s discover those options together.

[ Current Phase ]


in-person, hybrid, and remote test meetings.

Join the experiment to see how the meeting location, design, and tech impact results.

March: Get Ready
Prepare for the Experiment

We’ve chosen two winning meeting designs from a global competition, and now we need YOUR help to run the experiment!

Sign up to join a public group or schedule your own teams to test out these innovative designs and gather valuable data for your organization.

Ready to get started? Let us show you how!

    April – June 2023
    Participate in the experiment

    500 meetings, 1000+ innovative ideas, 7500+ participants all contributing their unique insights.

    That’s the goal. We can make this happen together.

    Join the Experiment

    Build your creative capability in fun, meaningful, 90-min sessions and contribute to the science that's shaping new rules for work

    Premier Partners


    Solution Partners



    Dr. Joseph Allen

    Director, Center for Meeting Effectiveness
    University of Utah

    Dr. Myriam Hadnes

    Behavioural Economist
    Podcast Host
    Community Builder

    Keith McCandless

    Liberating Structures Author and Co-Developer

    Samantha Dubrow, Ph.D.

    Lead Researcher
    The MITRE Corporation

    Dr. Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock

    Chair of I/O Psych
    University of Hamburg

    Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon

    Dir. of Innovation
    University of Nebraska at Omaha

    Dan Levy

    Innovation Facilitator
    Strategist | Podcast Host

    October 2023
    Unveiling the Hybrid-Ready Toolkit

    Join us to review the early results and discuss them with innovation leaders, analysts, developers, and workplace consultants eager to learn how to drive workplace success for their teams.


    Connect with program participants from across disciplines in a two-day event featuring both public and invite-only networking opportunities.


    Ideation is just the start of the innovation process. Groups focusing on different SDGs will gather to see the ideas generated during the experiment and consider: What does this make possible?

    [Step 4 ]


    celebrate the results in a two-day hybrid festival


    A Hybrid-Ready Ideation Toolkit

    Together, we’ll create an evidence-based recipe book for unleashing team creativity anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

    This open-source resource can be used by teams and built into products and services.

    A Network Innovating for Good

    This program delivers opportunities for growing participants’ skills, network, and impact.

    New partnerships and possibilities emerge when we engage openly in pursuit of a shared goal.

    New Ideas for A Better Future

    Simple ideas. Novel ideas. Big, audacious, game-changing ideas.

    Experiment teams within and across organizations will build on this abundance of creative output to identify solutions for further development.

    We believe you should join us

    Currently seeking Festival Location Hosts and Program Partners.


    We believe that leaders should equip teams with modern methods and technology.

    We believe that collaborating openly is the best way to tackle global challenges.

    We believe that you can conduct serious research and address real issues in ways that are rewarding and FUN!!!