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Initiated by the Gamestorming Group and the Meeting Innovation Community, this project seeks to identify new rules for work that celebrate our uniquely human potential to overcome global challenges through open collaboration.

As meeting innovators, we regularly engage with 100k+ active professionals worldwide. We happily work with teams and organizations, and welcome purpose-aligned sponsors, in-kind supporters, and collaborators who are eager to join us as we develop the hybrid-ready toolkit for teams at work.

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Current Host - Dave Mastronardi

Dave Mastronardi

Leader and CEO of The Gamestorming Group

Dave Mastronardi leads The Gamestorming Group, a company full of wired visual thinkers.

The Gamestorming Group teaches innovation techniques that enable leaders to bring more creativity, collaboration and fun to your work, your meetings and workshops while still getting the work done.

Current Host - Elise Keith
The Meeting Innovation Community

Elise Keith

Lucid Meetings &
The Meeting Innovation Commmunity

Elise Keith is the CEO of Lucid Meetings and the current host of The Meeting Innovation Community (The MIC).

The MIC includes a global group of people who are working to make it easy for teams to run successful meetings every day. Community members share resources, run experiments, connect with experts, and innovate together.


Dr. Joseph Allen

Director, Center for Meeting Effectiveness
University of Utah

Dr. Myriam Hadnes

Behavioural Economist
Podcast Host
Community Builder

Keith McCandless

Liberating Structures Author and Co-Developer

Samantha Dubrow, Ph.D.

Lead Researcher
The MITRE Corporation

Dr. Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock

Chair of I/O Psych
University of Hamburg

Dr. Roni Reiter-Palmon

Dir. of Innovation
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Dan Levy

Innovation Facilitator
Strategist | Podcast Host

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