Open Innovation to Develop New Rules for Work

How might we build a new experiment?

As practitioners, we’re often baffled by what we see in the media. When dozens of articles began claiming that research proves “Zoom kills creativity” in May 2022, we were stunned. How could that possibly be true given all that we’ve created during the lockdowns?

This didn’t match our experience, so we contacted people in the research world in an attempt to better understand the science. We know that researchers are often just as baffled as we are. How can we possibly claim that a certain facilitation method or technology improves team results when we don’t have vetted evidence backing up those claims?

To make a long story short, we all agreed that we need new research that gives us better answers and more options.
Beginning in July 2022, we decided to collaborate on the quest for thos answers.

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Initiated by the Gamestorming Group and the Meeting Innovation Community, this project seeks to identify new rules for work that celebrate our uniquely human potential to overcome global challenges through open collaboration.

As meeting innovators, we regularly engage with 100k+ active professionals worldwide. We’re currently seeking sponsors, in-kind supporters, and collaborators who are eager to join us as we develop the hybrid-ready toolkit for teams at work.

Current Host - Dave Mastronardi

Dave Mastronardi

Leader and CEO of The Gamestorming Group

Dave Mastronardi leads The Gamestorming Group, a company full of wired visual thinkers.

The Gamestorming Group teaches innovation techniques that enable leaders to bring more creativity, collaboration and fun to your work, your meetings and workshops while still getting the work done.

Current Host - Elise Keith
The Meeting Innovation Community

Elise Keith

Lucid Meetings &
The Meeting Innovation Commmunity

Elise Keith is the CEO of Lucid Meetings and the current host of The Meeting Innovation Community (The MIC).

The MIC includes a global group of people who are working to make it easy for teams to run successful meetings every day. Community members share resources, run experiments, connect with experts, and innovate together.


Why are you focusing on ideation? Why not a broader topic?

This project was initially inspired by research focusing on how meeting over videoconferencing impacts brainstorming. Our intent is to build on and expand this inquiry to include experiments with more methods, more technologies, and more people.

While we believe it’s necessary to expand our options, we also recognize that too many variables make it impossible to evaluate our results. That’s why the scope of this initial project is limited to ideation.

That said, we recognize that ideation is only one of many steps in the innovation process, just as innovation is but one of the work processes we use to resolve problems. If this first project proves useful, we’ll examine other collaborative processes in future projects.

Who decides on the design criteria and experiment results?

We’ve invited a multi-disciplinary team of academic researchers and meeting experts to collaborate on the program design. These experts will operate as an independent and neutral review board to establish the design criteria, review and judge design submissions, and oversee the experiment design.

The experiment results will be analyzed by a team designated by the jury and provided to interested parties for independent analysis.

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Who will own the results from this work?

This is an open innovation project. The experiment results, analysis, and resulting toolkit will be made freely available to all. We all benefit from what we create together.

People contributing expertise in the symposium, sharing technology, or otherwise bringing their proprietary work to this event remain the owners of their content and IP. You own your own work and no one has the right to use it without your express permission.

How can my organization get involved?

We’re so glad you asked!

Right now, we’re seeking sponsors, in-kind supporters, and subject matter experts who can provide the resources needed to ensure this program’s success.

During the program, you’ll have an opportunity to get involved in the education symposium, design competition, experiments, and final festival.

To contact us about your interest and get the latest news, fill out the interest form.

Who designed your website?

Thanks for asking!

Our website was a collaboration with Peter Schaer at Clasic Sky LLC and Dennis Dinsmore at Lights Out Interactive.

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