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January 17-19 2023
Interviews with Another Door Opens, The Workspace Connection, and Our Advisors

Dec 8, 2022

The buzz about this experiment is growing! Our hosts were recently featured on two podcasts and have several more interviews coming up.

Another Door Opens episode #104 New Rules for Work and Creativity

We spoke with Eleanor Tweddell in October about the origins of this experiment and how inviting everyone into the creative process leads to happier teams and more successful businesses. Listen here.

Nina Fountain and The Workplace Connection

In December, we joined hybrid-work expert Nina Fountain to talk about unleashing team creativity in the hybrid workplace. We touched on intentionality, the need for everyone to actively participate in meetings, and why it’s important to engage in experiments like this one. See the recording here.

Interviews with Our Advisors

In the podcasts, you can learn why our hosts decided to organize this experiment. They’ve been joined by four facilitators and four researchers who agreed to act as an advisory board. Why did they say yes? What do they hope we might accomplish together?

They all have their own reasons. You can learn more about each one in this series of video interviews.


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