Meeting Design Brief

Plan Ahead to Enter the Meeting Design Competition

Submissions Open January 18 – February 3, 2023


We are experimenting to learn: 

  • How might we best engage teams in creative idea generation?
  • Can we achieve equally awesome results when meeting online? In-person? In hybrid environments?
  • What are the differences in the quality of the results we can achieve in each setting?
  • What might we discover when diverse teams all follow the same meeting process?

Teams from around the world are signing up to test excellent meeting processes in different settings. You are invited to help design the processes they will test.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Design a 90-minute meeting that a group can use to address a challenging goal and identify 2 to 3 responses that inspire action.

NOTE: All details are preliminary and subject to change.

The Teams

Group Size: 12-36

Teams will register to participate in the experiment in advance.

Each team will have one leader, one observer/recorder, and 12-36 participants.

Team leaders will attend a mandatory orientation before conducting their test sessions.

The Challenges

Teams will select one problem statement from a defined set of challenges. They will receive a short brief about the problem including both text and imagery immediately before their test session begins. They may refer to these briefings throughout the session.

The Responses

Successful test teams will create two to three highly rated responses using a multi-criteria rating. Teams should evaluate their own ideas. These ideas will also be evaluated by subject matter experts.

Criteria will likely include:

  • Is this idea New?

    …………… Useful?

    …………… Feasible?

    Scale: Extremely, Very, Moderately, Slightly, Not at all

  • How likely would you be to personally invest your time, energy, or resources in bringing this idea to life?

    Scale: Not likely, Somewhat likely, Very likely

Researchers will also review:

  • The total number of ideas generated
  • Participant survey responses
  • Session recordings

What to Include in Your Design

A design template will be provided before the competition submissions open. Submissions will need to include:

  • The settings where your process can be used: in-person, hybrid, online
  • Material List
  • List any tools, technology, or other materials needed to run this meeting.
    These materials must be readily available to experiment teams.
  • Process steps and timing totaling 90 minutes
  • Detailed meeting leader’s script

    This script must include detailed instructions for each activity, including the instructions that meeting leaders will read to participants.

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