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January 17-19 2023
Announcing the Winners of the Meeting Design Contest!

Feb 17, 2023

After a careful review of the many designs entered in the competition, the New Rules for Work advisors selected two winners.  It’s our great pleasure to announce that Ross Brunetti, and the team of Judy Rees and Matt Barnaby, are the winners of the meeting experiment design competition!

Meet the Designers

Ross Brunetti is a program manager at Design For America. Design for America is a community innovation network activating collaborative design for social good. This year, Design For America is focusing on the future of work – a perfect tie-in to this experiment!

Judy Rees and Matt Barnaby design and facilitate meetings for corporations and international organizations through their work at Impact Basis, where Matt is a director and Judy is a senior consultant.

Preparing for the Experiment

Our advisors assigned Ross, Judy, and Matt a surprise challenge. The winning designers were asked to shorten their meeting designs to 60 minutes (down from 90) and refine several design elements – starting with the other person’s design!

They succeeded! This means each experiment group can complete the experiment in 90 minutes or less. That makes scheduling the experiment much easier.

Now, Ross, Judy, and Matt are preparing support materials for the experiment. Each team will be randomly assigned to one of the designs, creating excellent comparative data.

Many More Excellent Designs

Competitors entered many excellent designs. While they weren’t selected for the big experiment, we are excited to try them out and share them with you at the October festival. To join upcoming sessions, subscribe to the free Meeting Innovation Community calendar.


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